AVANGRID Launches Engineering Development Program

Roger Kang, second from left, with his colleagues.

Roger Kang, second from left, with his colleagues.

Call them “Generation E”.  

 The “E” could stand for engineer, energy or even excited. In any case, a group of six young engineers are poised to help transform how AVANGRID’s engineering functional areas attract and retain new engineering talent.

They are the first cohort of employees in the new Engineering Development and Rotational Program. It’s based on United Illuminating’s long-standing engineering development program, where new engineers are rotated through various departments, like substations or distribution.

The idea is to find the best fit for new employees. The new group will participate in four six-month rotations in various engineering functions, and then will be assigned to a regular role. A group of veteran employees are designated as faculty and will supervise their work. The first group is assigned to United Illuminating, Southern CT Gas, Connecticut Natural Gas and Avangrid Renewables, but the project will be implemented throughout AVANGRID as new cohorts are hired by the HR Talent & Development team.


“You are the future of this company,” Avangrid Networks CEO Bob Kump told them at a recent welcoming reception.

 Let’s meet them:

From left, Alexander Borghetti Ferreira, Eric Iverson, Stephen Spaulding, Marynes Cabrera and Jeff DeJean join Bob Kump (center).

From left, Alexander Borghetti Ferreira, Eric Iverson, Stephen Spaulding, Marynes Cabrera and Jeff DeJean join Bob Kump (center).

 Jeff  DeJean, Engineer I, Maintenance: “One thing I’ve learned from working here so far is the day you stop learning is the day you should retire, because there is always an opportunity to  learn something new. Now, I am creating a report that tracks RG&E batteries inspection and predicts  the next inspection dates.

 Alexander Borghetti Ferreira, Engineer I, Gas Technical Services: “My first two months with AVANGRID have been a great learning experience. The employees with whom I work make an effort to pass on their knowledge to others and contribute to a supportive and friendly work environment to which I look forward to returning every morning. Much of my time thus far has been spent with employees from various departments in site visits, project meetings and new employee training. I have recently begun working with a small team of engineers on updating our company’s documentation and testing for construction and materials standards.”


 Marynes Cabrera, Engineer I, Renewables: “With almost two months of being part of the AVANGRID Family, I already feel connected with the culture, the people and learning so much every day. I recently joined the company’s soccer team that started the end of January. I’m also getting myself involved in different tasks/activities so I can get exposed to as much as possible, such as project site visits, community meetings, and project support to the engineering team.”

 Eric Iverson, Engineer I, Distribution: “I’ve focused on learning programs, terminology, and important concepts in the past several weeks, and have enjoyed observing their use when accompanying co-workers to customer meetings and fieldwork. I’m currently involved with creating inspection schematics for a proposed residential development, while starting to apply my experiences to fault current studies and splice chamber butterfly cards.”

 Stephen Spaulding, Engineer I, T&D Electric Operations: “Whether it’s converting neighborhoods to a higher voltage standard or managing crews looking for downed wires during a storm, it’s been exciting getting up to speed at AVANGRID.”

Roger Kang, Engineer I, Substations: “I am currently working on updating the Area Coordination Studies in the Protection & Control department. There are an endless amount of things to learn about the protection of the distribution system and I’m looking forward to my first project.”

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