Investing in Employees Fuels AVANGRID’s Success

In the final blog post of our three-part series, we focus on how we recruit and develop our talented workforce. Read the previous blog posts in the series, Making Earth Day a 365 Mindset and Sustainable Economic Growth Rooted in Transparency, or explore our 2018 sustainability report to learn more about how we’re taking steps each day to work toward a better tomorrow, together.

 Against a backdrop of a dynamic energy industry, seismic changes in U.S. workforce demographics and increased competition to recruit and retain talented employees, one thing that sets AVANGRID apart is our recognition that investing in our employees fuels our success. We take a long-term, sustainable approach to the way we do business and recognize that our success is the result of the effort, energy and talent of our employees. Here are some of the ways we put that approach into practice. 

Engaging and growing our talent

Photo Courtesy of AVANGRID

Photo Courtesy of AVANGRID


Our employees provide the energy and innovation that drive AVANGRID as we pursue our goal of ranking among the best in class in the industry by 2020. We’re in the diversified energy business for the long haul. That makes it a priority for us to attract and develop a highly engaged workforce through early career programs, modern trainings and ongoing professional development. To this end, we’re focused on four dimensions:

  1. Developing leadership succession and talent management plans to ensure we grow and develop our internal talent to meet future needs.

  2. Developing first-class early career programs to ensure we secure the right people in the right roles with the right skills for the future success of the business.

  3. Developing modern training and development solutions that leverage new technologies to ensure we fuel our employees’ desire to grow and meet the needs of the business.

  4. Implementing leadership and professional development solutions to improve skills and capability now and in the future.

AMP’D — Leading People

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As we continue to champion our talent, we’re cognizant that AVANGRID employees are critical to driving key company initiatives. That awareness drives us to engage our employees in daily activities as well as identify and develop the future talent of our organization. In an effort to better prepare our leaders, we launched the AVANGRID Management and Professional Development (AMP’D) — Leading People program in 2018.

This yearlong program brings newer leaders together from diverse functions, responsibilities and geographies. AMP’D — Leading People also focuses on a blended approach to learning, including practical application of theories and models learned in a traditional training setting, exploration of on-the-job activities, e-learning to augment foundational leadership skills, and peer coaching.

Spotlight on WomENergy


AMP’D — Leading People isn’t the only leadership growth program we launched last year. In 2018, AVANGRID introduced WomENergy, a business resource group geared to attracting, retaining, developing and advancing female talent. The program creates an internal network of women across the company. It increases the pipeline of women of diverse backgrounds. It empowers women with a strong support system — including sponsorship, mentorship and development opportunities — and it acts as a catalyst to build an inclusive culture in the workplace.

Nearly 250 women joined the ranks of WomENergy in its first year, focusing on developing and building community, relationships and inclusion. Quarterly webinars covered topics such as the importance of creating diverse connections across an organization, the role gender plays in the collective intelligence of teams, practical steps for developing informal networks and insight into how social perspectives can influence success.

Looking Ahead to a Sustainable Future


From engaging and growing our talent, to programs like AMP’D — Leading People and WomENergy, we’re passionate about encouraging the personal and professional development of our employees. We deliver on that passion through a diverse working environment, continuous trainings and measures to promote employee engagement and  well-being and equal opportunity.

AVANGRID stands committed to attracting the best people, unleashing their potential, valuing and rewarding them, championing their well-being and fostering meaningful connections. Check out the People and Talent portal to learn how you can join our team, and read our 2018 sustainability report to learn more about our commitment to our employees and the communities where we do business.