Five Spring Tips to Being Eco-Friendly

Telltale signs of spring are finally popping up around us. The days are getting warmer, windows are opening, and the buds are appearing on the trees. There’s nothing we love more than great weather, sunlight, and longer days.  Now is the time to get rid of heavy layers, winter boots, and think about everything that’s to come.

It’s also the time to put aside winter habits and incorporate new spring practices into your daily routine. Lowering the thermostat is the perfect time to think about our energy habits and how we can improve upon them. Why not embrace the season with some eco-friendly tips! Not only will you be saving energy and money, you’ll also be taking care of the planet.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Open up the windows and take advantage of the fresh outside air for cooling houses and cars instead of using the air conditioner.

Check the Dryer Vents

Before all of your foundation plantings are in full bloom, this is also a good time to check the outside vent of your clothes dryer. A clogged vent lengthens drying time and increases the amount of energy used.

Reduce Sediment

Once or twice a year in order to keep your hot water system working properly, drain a bucket of water out of the bottom of the heater tank. That will reduce sediment so the water in the tank can be more easily heated – and may prolong the life of your water heater, too.

Flower beds about to come!


Replace your landscape lights with energy efficient LED lights/bulbs and don’t forget to reduce your outdoor timer “on” hours now that sunset is later in the day.

Proper Water Level

Regardless of the season, remember to always fill the washer and dryer to capacity whenever possible. If you must wash smaller loads, try to use proper water level for each individual load.  

These are only a few quick and easy tips that help our environment as well as your wallet. For more energy saving tips be sure to visit your operating company website and search “Energy Efficiency and Usage Information.”