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AVANGRID Celebrates National Lineworker Appreciation Day

The lineworkers across Avangrid Networks are the cornerstone of our operations in New York, Connecticut and Maine. Whether it is a thunderstorm in the middle of the summer, or an ice storm in the winter, lineworkers are the first responders who ensure our communities, businesses, and homes have the power they depend upon. As the needs of the electric system continue to grow, it is important to send the message to lineworkers that the people of our nation respect and appreciate their hard work and dedication to the craft!




Getting SMART: Advancing Literacy in Oregon

September is National Literacy Month in the United States, a month-long celebration of reading and recognition of the critical importance it plays in our lives. In honor of National Literacy Month, we invite you to learn more about SMART and help create the next generation of readers and leaders. At AVANGRID, we understand that in order to develop the leaders of the future, kids need to have a grasp of the fundamentals from an early age with proven methods.

According to SMART, in Oregon, kids aren’t meeting reading benchmarks, despite the efforts of hard-working educators. Studies prove that becoming confident, skilled readers early in life readies kids for future learning and provides benefits and opportunities that remain with them for life.



 Avangrid Foundation’s 2019 Community Youth Grants


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