E-Bike Contest Winner Has Big Plans for Her New Trek

It’s a five-mile journey from Amanda Bohnenblust’s house to Avangrid Renewables’ Minneapolis office, where she works as a Senior Permitting Manager.

She normally drives. Now, she’s planning to make the trek on a Trek. A Trek electric bike to be specific.


Bohnenblust is the winner of the AVANGRID Sustainability Team’s 2019 “E-Bike 4 U” contest, with an electric bike supplied by Zane’s Cycles of Brandford, CT. Bohenblust’s supervisor, Sarah Emery, surprised her Monday with the bike.

“I’m pretty excited. I love riding bikes,” said Bohnenblust, who’s worked for Renewables for just over a year and is known as “Mandy.”

With the weather warming up, she said the Trek will be a perfect way to get to work and reduce her carbon footprint. “I rode it last night and it is a blast!” she said.

The “E-Bike 4 U” contest debuted last year and a UI engineer was the first winner.

“We’re thrilled Amanda won the contest. Riding a bike to work helps AVANGRID achieve carbon neutrality and aligns with AVANGRID’s sustainability values,” said Cliff Cronan, a UI Engineer and leader of the Sustainability Team.

Bohnenblust was picked from nearly 400 entries from around the company. To enter, employees had to sign up for one of the AVANGRID wellness initiatives. The announcement was made at the first AVANGRID Sustainability/Wellness Expo. Dave Labelle, VP of Health & Safety, pushed the online randomizer button and Bohnenblust’s name popped up!

Bohnenblust learned about “E-Bike 4 U” from the all-employee email about the contest. “I signed up right away,” she said.

In her role on the permitting team, Bohnenblust supports the development, construction and operation of Avangrid Renewables’ wind and solar fleet, largely in the Midwest, ensuring that the company works closely with local, state, and federal agencies, tribes, non-profit conservation groups and various stakeholders to properly manage wildlife and land use concerns and rules.

Bohnenblust also intends to join the Sustainability Team, which is open to all employees. “I want to get more involved,” she said.'

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