A Volunteering Opportunity Arrives Unexpectedly


By Tumani Edwards, AVANGRID Intern

Staff at Avangrid Renewables’ facilities nationwide often volunteer in the community, and sometimes the opportunity arrives far from home.


Sam Somerville, an Operations Wildlife Compliance Specialist, wasn’t expecting to take part in a community service project during a recent trip to the Blue Creek Wind Farm in Van Wert, Ohio.

“I was at Blue Creek to provide wildlife awareness training to our wind plant staff, a greatly satisfying part of my job. I typically plan a bit of flexibility in my schedule during on-site trainings as interesting conversations, or experiences, tend to pop up. Indeed, on this occasion I happened to visit on highway clean-up day!” he said.

Staff at Blue Creek periodically remove trash along an adopted two-mile stretch of U.S. Route 30. Somerville and eight others spent two hours filling 15 large trash bags with refuse.

“We picked up everything from tire tread, broken headlights, plastic bottles, scraps of metal, a Bill Russell Boston Celtics basketball card, and a Tammy Wynette greatest hits cassette tape which, unfortunately could not be saved,” Somerville said. “I was lucky to catch a glimpse of the ways Avangrid Renewables staff give back at Blue Creek. It gave me perspective of how we integrate with each community where we do business – and helped me appreciate that our business is more than just generating renewable energy.”